Monterey Dresden

Welcome to Monterey California. A nice tourist town with world renown aquarium, a storybook setting for such literary works as Mice and Men, Tortilla Flats and many others. Boat tours that let you get close to migrating whales, fishing trips that give you a chance to catch some nice ocean fish of many different types. A new burgeoning University that wants to be a leader in Oceanography, and other marine sciences.
Monterey a stones throw away from an abandoned Fort Ord, down a bit from a large Moss Landing power plant, north of Carmel and west of a agricultural town of Salinas. All this and many other normal, quaint places make up Monterey Bay. But beneath this cheery exterior lies a world unseen by most people. A world that is too dangerous for most normal people. It is Monterey Bay Dresden…

Monterey Bay Dresden