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Monterey, April 20th 2003.

Sheriff Carter looks at the dead body the dog walker found on a small beach in Monterey. Right off Cannery Row to be exact. Not much to see. Looks like the woman was a local homeless woman known to beg on Cannery Row. “A real shame.” Carter breathes as he covers the body. “Clarissa give me a full autopsy.” He gruffly states to the pretty young red headed woman wearing a coroners blue jacket.
“Ah, Carter this isn’t a homicide, she slipped and fell and cracked her head. I don’t think the country supervisors are going to like the added expense in doing an autopsy for a homeless woman that fell?” She looks questioningly at Carter.
“Yea you let me deal with the costs, Heck we haven’t had a murder in Monterey in 3 years. This town can afford the expense.”
“Oh the Mayor won’t like that bill.” Clarissa looks over her glasses at Carter in the eyes.
“Again, let me worry about the costs. See you in a couple days with the report.”
“The tox report will take longer than that.”
“Yea I know, I know. It ain’t my first rodeo!” Carter says walking away.
“It’s ROW-Day-O here Sheriff.” She corrects his pronunciation.
“Yea, yea, yea, every freaking time I say it that way it gets somebodies back hairs up.” Carter smiles as he walks away. “Ga’Dam California!”

This little idea got me to thinking of running a Dresden Files game set in Monterey, California. Specifically Cannery Row.

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Main Page

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